BY KEVIN SAWYER – After distracted driving, driver fatigue leads to more crashes and accidents that any other cause. In fact, recent statistics show that fatigued driving leads to about 30% of all car crashes nationwide.

One of the major problems with driver fatigue is that people usually are unable to properly assess their situation. Most people know that they are tired but they usually press on rather than pull over and rest or sleep. Some of the warning signs that will begin to make their presence known are head bobbing and the inability to focus on your driving and what is ahead of you on the road.

Also, you will begin to black out for a few seconds at a time, you will start to daydream and may even begin swerving in and out of lanes. If you catch yourself in any of these situations, know that your driving has already been impaired and you are now a danger to yourself and to other drivers on the road.

The main causes of your driver fatigue will be driving during those times of the day when you would normally be sleeping and your being severely  sleep deprived. The only way to avoid this is to be sleeping when you are supposed to and be sleeping when you are actually tired. Remember, your sleep deprivation doesn’t only affect you.

Pay attention to your natural bio-clock. Everyone has a time of the day when they lose energy and become sleepy. Know when that time is for you and don’t drive during that time. Also, you could have a sleep disorder you aren’t aware of. Try and break up a long trip rather than trying to drive for 15 straight hours. You will do yourself, and others, a huge favor if you are driving while you are awake and alert.


Kevin Sawyer

Kevin Sawyer

Kevin Sawyer is a widely published freelance writer from Tampa. He has written thousands of articles on thousands of subjects for hundreds of companies, website blogs, magazines, and news sites. He is also the author of several ebooks and specializes in SEO content writing as well as social media management and marketing.