BY KEVIN SAWYER – Living in the self obsessed world of today can get rather annoying at times. Especially when you are driving. Good manners seem very much a thing of the past even when you are out on the road. So, how many of these inconsiderate driving behaviors are you partaking in that are really annoying those around you?

  • Perhaps the number one irritant is drivers who refuse to do a simple little thing like switching on their turn signals when they are going to turn or change lanes. In that vein, try and avoid straddling two lanes even if you intend to change into one of the lanes. No one can predict what will happen.
  • Being a slow poke and not driving over in the “slow” lane is a sure bet to tick off those drivers around you. If you want to travel more slowly, fine, just get out of everyone else’s way to do it. Tailgating is one of the worse offenses. It makes people angry as well as nervous. They can’t concentrate and an accident is just waiting to happen. Besides, if you slam into a vehicle from behind the law states that it is always your fault so back off.
  • For those who drive in a region that gets snow, how many times have you seen the idiots who are driving along with two feet of snow on their roof, hood and trunk? All this does is break loose and fly back at the cars behind them. Get out of your little self absorbed bubble world and clean off your vehicle before hitting the road after a snow storm.
  • Braking a million times as you are driving along will definitely irritate those driving behind you. The stoppers and the starters are an accident waiting to happen as no one can really predict how you will be driving and, thus, can’t avoid you and try and get around you. Also, don’t cut people of. It happens all the time. You will be driving along, with no one behind you for miles by the way, when some one will just pull out instead of waiting two seconds for you to go by. They put lives in danger just to get to their destination three or four seconds sooner than they would have if they had been thoughtful enough.


Kevin Sawyer

Kevin Sawyer

Kevin Sawyer is a widely published freelance writer from Tampa. He has written thousands of articles on thousands of subjects for hundreds of companies, website blogs, magazines, and news sites. He is also the author of several ebooks and specializes in SEO content writing as well as social media management and marketing.