BY KEVIN SAWYER – We have heard the stories. Many are so crazy that they have become urban legends. Perhaps you even know of an incident where a child was driving a car. Not accidentally putting the shift in drive and hitting the garage, but actually getting behind the wheel and driving away. Well, here are a few true stories that will likely blow your mind…

  • One little six year old boy from Virginia was so upset that he missed the bus for school that day. Dad already left for work and mom was still asleep. So, not wanting to get into trouble for missing the bus, he went into the garage and got behind his mother’s Ford Taurus and headed off to school. He ended up crashing into a utility pole but was unhurt because he was driving so slowly. The cops arrested his parents for the incident.
  • A seven year old boy from Utah was sitting in church one Sunday with his parents when he decided it was far too boring. So, he left the church, fired up the family vehicle and started to drive home. He got pulled over, however, by a Utah state trooper who was rather shocked to see who was driving.


  • Another little boy from Indiana wanted to head out to the toy store at the local mall. His grandmother was too tired, she claimed, to take him so he took her Geo Tracker and headed for the mall. People who saw him said he was so tiny that they thought no one was actually driving the car. He made it to the mall but some other adult drivers blocked him in so he couldn’t escape and took his keys.
  • Perhaps one of the best stories is of a nine year old boy who was riding with his mom in Texas when his mother suddenly passed out while she was driving. The little boy leaped into action. He took control of the car, drove it off to the side of the road, and called 911 for help.

PHOTO CREDIT: Flickr / Dimitri Otis

Kevin Sawyer

Kevin Sawyer

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