BY KEVIN SAWYER –  Every year, over 40% of all vehicle crashes and accidents are caused by drunk drivers. That is around 20,000 people every year dying in drunk related accidents. Many innocent passengers are injured and killed by drunk driers every year also. So, how can you cut down on your chances of encountering a drunk driver?

  • Avoid driving late at night if it is possible and try to not even go out on those national “drinking” holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends, and, of course, Super Bowl Sunday. People who don’t normally drink will drink on days like that making their impairments all that more acute. In addition, the stats say that you are three times more likely to get into a crash with a drunk late at night.
  • If you are out at night, or on one of the drinking holidays, try and stay as far right as you can without driving off the road. Drunks tend to sway and not pay all that much attention to the lines in the middle of the road. You must drive defensively. Never presume to think that anyone else driving on the road knows what they are doing. Most do, of course, but never think everyone does. Does a 16 year old know? Does a drunk know?
  • Make sure your tires are checked regularly. They wear down quickly and, if under inflated, can blow out unexpectedly. Especially the front tires which are used for steering control. Don’t leave anything to chance if you don’t have to.
  • Again, at night, avoid the back roads and those two lane highways. It’s tough to see and a drunk could show up in your lane at any time. If you see any reckless or risky driving, try and get on the phone and report it as quickly as you can. Law enforcement may be in the area and can stop the person from causing an accident.
  • Finally, don’t drink and drive, as they say. Regardless of your relationship with someone who is intoxicated, take their keys and refuse to allow them to drive. You may save their life as well as the lives of others by doing that one simple thing.


Kevin Sawyer

Kevin Sawyer

Kevin Sawyer is a widely published freelance writer from Tampa. He has written thousands of articles on thousands of subjects for hundreds of companies, website blogs, magazines, and news sites. He is also the author of several ebooks and specializes in SEO content writing as well as social media management and marketing.