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Help Your Vehicle Help You

When you are thinking of going on a road trip, there are a lot of things to consider. You need to make sure you have a destination and a path to get there. You need to pack snacks and drinks and entertainment to get you through the long days in the car. But most importantly, you need to make sure that you vehicle is running properly. There is nothing worse than setting out for a fun vacation and having your car break down in the middle of your trip, leaving you stranded in a strange town where you don’t know anyone and you don’t have your regular mechanic nearby. Before you get on the road, here are some things you should do to your vehicle to make sure you’ll be safe while you’re traveling.

  1. Happy Woman And Dog TravelGet your car washed. This may seem like a silly thing to do, especially since you’re going to end up with bugs in your windshield and dust all over your car. But by getting your car washed before you leave, you can get everything off of it, making cleaning your car while you are on the road an easier job. Caked on dirt and grim is much harder to get off with a squeegee at the gas station than you might think.
  2. Take your car into your mechanic for a checkup. We don’t often think in advance, but if you’re traveling a long way, you may end up needing an oil change while you’re on the road. Instead of getting it done in a place you’re unfamiliar with, go ahead and have your regular mechanic do it before you leave. Your mechanic will do a once over of your vehicle. They can top off fluids, rotate tires, change the oil, and do other small things that will make your trip much smoother, and keep your mind at ease.
  3. Clean out the inside of your car. You don’t want to start a road trip with fast food wrappers under your seats. There will be plenty of those during the trip. Starting out with a fresh vehicle is a great way to set the mood for your vacation. Just like you like to spend time in a clean house, you’re going to want your car to look and smell clean as well. This will also make it easier to keep your car clean while you’re traveling, because you’ll want it to remain as clean as it was when you started.
  4. Make sure everyone who will be driving knows how the vehicle works. The last thing you need is your friend driving into a rain storm and not knowing where the button for the wipers is. Give everyone who will be driving a quick overview of how your car works. This will save time and hassle later on down the road if you run into inclement weather or rough roads. Plus, it will ensure that while your friends are at the wheel, you can take a quick nap in the backseat.