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How to know that your water pump is on the way out


BY KEVIN SAWYER – The water pump in your vehicle is critical to your vehicle running properly. It is what allows to engine to run cool as the water pump ensures a constant flow of coolant throughout the engine. If the water pump fails on you, you could be facing the disaster of a completely ruined engine.

Your water pump is located on the side of the engine, near the timing belt, and is a simple impeller pump. The pump is turned by a belt and the pump sends coolant through the engine and back into the radiator in a continuous cycle. While your water pump is reasonably sturdy and long lasting they do wear out like all mechanical things. Here are a few signals that your water pump might be on the way out:

  • Coolant is leaking from the front of the vehicle. The gaskets may be worn out and the coolant is sneaking through the cracks.
  • A high pitched whine is a sure sign that the water pump is about to go. You can hear the sound clearly and sounds almost like the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard at full volume.
  • Your engine is running hot or is actually over heating. If your needle is heading toward the high zone on your temperature gauge, it may mean that you aren’t getting any coolant circulation through your engine.
  • Steam could also be coming out of your radiator or your coolant overflow tank may be completely empty. This means there is no coolant flowing through the radiator. Any of these signs could seriously damage your engine so it is always best to get your vehicle into your mechanic as soon as possible.

PHOTO CREDIT: Marius Sebastian / Unsplash