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It’s really time for a new vehicle, isn’t it?


BY KEVIN SAWYER – So many people tend to hold on to their old vehicle for far too long. There comes a time when it really is time for an upgrade. But, how do you really know? Here are a few signs that it just may be time to go vehicle shopping.

  • It really ends up coming down to a matter of safety. The longer you are driving a vehicle, the more it breaks down from wear. It eventually can get to the point where it isn’t safe at all anymore. You could be the most diligent of car owners. You can keep that vehicle running through thick and thin but it, eventually, will just wear out on you. A solid rule of thumb is if your monthly costs to repair and maintain your vehicle is more than what a new car payment would be, then, just maybe, it’s time to step up.
  • It is also likely time to get a new vehicle if all of your warranties have run out. They are generally designed for what the engineers and sales people believe will be the life of a particular vehicle. Engines and transmissions can get extremely costly to repair or replace without any sort of warranty to help defray the cost.
  • Another challenge you should be noting is the technology of the vehicle. At first, when it was new, you were getting a smooth ride and a million miles to the gallon. Not so anymore, though? Also, newly built cars and trucks are much sounder and safer structurally. Their advanced design may provide that extra margin of safety you may need for yourself and loved ones.
  • The safety features and the new technology is now no longer just for luxury vehicles anymore. You can step up in safety and technology as well. You just have to get to that point where maintaining what you have is more painful, and more expensive, than shopping around for something newer.