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Dad comes up with ingenious plan for his fighting triplets


BY KEVIN SAWYER – A road trip, even a short one, with toddlers can be one of the most anxiety filled road trips you are likely to take. They are little and have tiny attention spans and you never can tell what will set them off. Especially if you have more than one of them traveling in the back seat.

New dad, Jake White, of Ohio, had about reached his limit with his triplets. It seems that no matter what precautions he took, there was sure to be a royal rumble in the back seat somewhere along the way. Jake says that he is always looking for creative solutions as he well realizes that he is outnumbered.


So, he grabbed a few pieces of foam board and made individual cubicles between his feuding triplets in the back seat. To Jake’s amazement, the fighting and the bickering stopped once he put up the foam partitions. Most of the time, he says, it is that they are grabbing and stealing each others water bottles and snacks. He thought the idea of giving the kids a little personal space might work. Also, they can’t see each other so it cuts down on the opportunities to push buttons.