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Some gas saving hacks that will save you some bucks


BY KEVIN SAWYER – The price of gas is the price of gas. There is nothing anyone can do about it but there are a few strategies you can use that can save you on gas consumption and put a few more dollars back into your pockets. These hacks can be especially helpful to those driving larger cars, SUV’s and vans.

  • Maybe the simplest way to save on gas and increase your mileage is to drive slower. Experiment with driving the speed limit for a week or two. You will really see a significant saving and you won’t lose all that much travel time.
  • The next two hacks concern both your air filter and the state of your tires. Tires that are low in pressure drag much more and use more fuel than properly inflated tires. Your engine has to work almost three times as hard with under inflated tires. Spend a few bucks on a good tire pressure gauge and check your tires every other week or so. Your engine must have a proper air flow to work at its peak proficiency. A dirty and clogged engine air filter will cause your engine to run rough and cause it to work harder. Get a new air filter every six months.
  • Avoid fast starts and try and keep rolling if you can. Stopping and starting uses more fuel than it should. If you are driving in an area that has a million stop lights along the way, do the speed limit. The lights are timed to the speed limit so if you can stay close to the speed limit you will make most, if not all, of the lights.
  • The AC sucks down gas like someone who hasn’t eaten in a while. Roll the windows down once in a while. Also, take a Saturday morning off and clean out your vehicle. Believe it or not, most people are carrying 40-50 pounds of crap in their cars that really doesn’t need to be there. The extra weight, again, causes drag and sucks down gas.
  • PHOTO CREDIT: Pixabay