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Tips for Driving Cross Country

Driving cross country can be fun and a great experience. However, it is a daunting task if you have never done it before. There are quite a few tips to keep you and your car safe during the trip. Here are a few tips for driving cross country:

Road,car and sunset clouds in Crimea mountainPlan Your Route Ahead Of Time

Driving cross country is extremely stressful for both you and your car. This is why you should consider planning the route you’ll take ahead of time. Make sure that there are plenty of gas stations and hotels or diners along the way. This way if you have a problem with the car, you can always get help. If you are too tired to drive any further, you can also crash at a hotel or get some refreshments. You can also look for gas stations and hotels on the internet. This will help you plan the route effectively.

Make Frequent Stops

The best time of the year to plan a cross country trip is the summer. During the summer, the highways are hotter than the cities. This is because there are large open spaces there with no shade. The exceedingly hot temperature can take a serious toll on your car. This is why it is not ideal to drive for more than an hour at a stretch. If your car breaks down or if the cooling system gives way, you could end up being stranded. This is why you should consider making constant stops.

Drive for about 45 minutes and then make a 10 to 15-minute stop. This is ample time to give your car some rest and also to give you time to refresh and regain your energy. Your trip will be much more fun if you stop along the way for sightseeing. After all, that’s what driving cross country is about!

Keep Supplies Handy

There are certain supplies that you should have handy at all times. Some of these supplies are for your car, and some for yourself. The first and foremost thing that you should carry is water. Carry water for yourself as well as for your car. When you stop for some time, wait for the car to cool down and then check the water level in the radiator. If the water level is low, be sure to top it off. Also carry a gallon of gas. If you run out before you reach a gas station, you should have a backup gas supply to get there. The best thing that you should do is to not let the gas run out. If you stop at a gas station and see that the gas level is low, refill it. This will save you a lot of inconvenience later.

Prepare a Car Toolkit and First Aid Kit

Prepare a car toolkit for the trip. You don’t need to have fancy tools in the toolkit. Just carry a few basic tools to make a few mends here and there. You can carry a screwdriver. Make sure you have both types. Also, put a set of pliers in the toolbox. Make sure you have spare lug nuts, a functional jack and a proper spare tire. If you have to change a tire along the way because of a flat, make sure you have it fixed at the nearest mechanic. Also carry a first aid kit to take care of any nicks and bruises on the way.

Last, but not the least, be sure to take lots of pictures during your trip. This will help you capture the amazing cross country driving experience.