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Traveling with Kids

If you have children, you know that even the short car ride to school can be a struggle. And it seems that the more children you have, the more likely you are to hear fighting from the backseat. Keeping kids entertained while traveling in a car for an extended period of time can be a challenge, but there are ways to keep the peace while you’re driving to your destination.

bigstock-Family-travelling-by-car-6563193Easily one of the most effective means of keeping children entertained while riding in the car is the portable DVD player. The invention of the portable DVD player changed the game when it comes to traveling in vehicles with children. Many vehicles (mostly vans) now install DVD players into the vehicle itself, so all you need to bring with you is a variety of movies that will interest your children. If you have kids with differing tastes in movies, you can alternate between them, or have other activities for your children to do when they don’t want to watch the movie that is playing.

Road trip games are also a great way to keep your children entertained while you’re in the car. As an added bonus, it also can be very educational. One such game is what is commonly referred to as the license plate game. As you are traveling, your kids can look at the license plates of cars passing by, calling out the names of the states. The goal is to try to see the license plates from all of the states before arriving at your final destination. This game becomes a competition, and you can buy a book on the different states and tell your kids some interesting facts about each state as they see its license plate.

One of the key factors in enjoying traveling in the car with your children is to make sure everyone gets enough sleep. You may want to get in as many miles in a day as you can, but the truth is that keeping yourself and your kids cooped up in the car for an extended period of time can cause restlessness and grumpiness. Make sure you stop in the evening in time to eat dinner, let the kids burn of some excess energy at a local park or in the hotel swimming pool, and still get to bed at a reasonable hour.

The same idea applies during the day. When you stop for lunch, choose a place that has a nearby playground. By letting your kids play for even just 30 minutes, they won’t be as restless in the car when you get back on the road. They may even sleep for a little while, giving you some peace and quiet. By building in time for your kids to expend their energy throughout the day, you’re ensuring that they won’t be bouncing off the walls when you finally stop for the evening.

Making travel fun is a great way to include your kids in your traveling. They won’t feel like they are just stuck in the backseat, and they’ll enjoy the trip much more, making the trip more enjoyable for you as well.